Rego First Stage Regulator

Price: Taka

The 4403 series regulators provide very sensitive control of a variety of gases at low pressures. The large molded diaphragm assures responsive regulation with inlet pressures up to 250 PSI.


    Large molded diaphragm provides highly sensitive and accurate low pressure control.
    Zinc body and bonnet resist corrosion and provide longer life.
    Teflon seat disc, teflon faced diaphragms, and stainless steel nozzles make the T4403J regulators compatible with a variety of gases.
    LV4403C2H42 features integral relief valve set at 3 psig.
    Adjusting screw is concealed by a plastic cap which helps prevent pressure adjustments by unauthorized personnel.
    Working temperature range is -40°F to +165°F. (-40ºC to +74ºC)
    Not suitable for oxygen applications

Made in USA

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