Rego USA High Pressure Regulator (2nd Stage)

Designed to reduce first stage pressure of 5 to 20 PSIG down to
burner pressure, normally 11” w.c. Ideal for medium commercial
installations, multiple cylinder installations and normal domestic

• Large vent helps prevent blockage and has ¾" F.NPT for vent
• With 15 PSIG inlet pressure, regulator is designed to not pass
more than 2 PSIG with the seat disc removed.
• Incorporates integral relief valves.
• Replaceable valve orifice and valve seat disc.
• Straight line valve closure reduces wear on seat disc.
• Unique bonnet vent profile minimizes vent freeze over when
properly installed.
• Large molded diaphragm is extra sensitive to pressure changes.
• Built in pressure tap has plugged â…› F.NPT outlet. Plug can be
removed with a 3⁄16" hex allen wrench.
• Select brown finish

Made in USA

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